Biology Expert

Are you fun-loving and mischievous? Congratulations! We have got just the expert for you! Her videos are so full of life (literally), and her crazy explanations are gonna charge your cells right up! A fun-filled world of Biology is just a click away!


M.Sc. (Marine Biology), Pondicherry University

Physics Expert

Want your creative buds flared? Search no more! Without much pressure or force, Sameer’s expertise will address all your Physics problems & bring alive the Newton and Pascal in you! Just a click & the next scientist could be YOU!


B.E. (Electronics and Instrumentation), M.Sc. (Biological Sciences), BITS Pilani

Mathematics Expert

Maths & fun, two very different things, right? Not, if you have an expert like Maaz. His video-making skills give him an edge to explain concepts more visually, and his hilarious presentation is surely going to make you LOL!


B.Sc. (Media Science), Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University

Chemistry Expert

Chemistry, not your cup of tea? Not anymore! You will be right in your element with Revathi’s super-interesting experiments! She’ll help you find the right solutions for all your chemical problems. We just can’t wait to see your priceless reaction!


M.Sc. (Chemical Analysis), IIT-Roorkee

Mathematics Expert

You are going to give all your Mathematical problems a run for their money with Kiran! Behind those nerd glasses and the wide smile rests the brain of a genius who can make you know concepts like the back of your hand! And boy, if you are gonna love it!


B.Tech (Electronics and Communication), JNTU Hyderabad

Mathematics Expert

Time to shoo away your Maths fears with Nirmala. Her years of experience in content-making and her limitless passion towards teaching will make you fall in love with Maths, over and over again! And this love, your parents won’t be against of!


B.Tech (Computer Science), JNTU Hyderabad

Mathematics Expert

Struggle no more with your Maths problems. With Savita's creative and engaging video lessons, strengthen your Maths skills and learn from real-life examples. Understanding the basics of Maths was never so easy!


M.Sc. (Mathematics), Kurukshetra University